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At Reclaim U we are changing the way DUI education classes are done. From Domestic violence classes to revocation, and everything in between, we are here to help.

Arizona DUI classes

Effective – Discrete – Interesting 

Domestic Violence Counseling for Couples

Comfortable Environment – Easier Process 

Interesting and Engaging DUI Classes Make Time Go Faster

Arizona Adult Group Classes

Discreet Facility and Counselors 

Our Counseling Services

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We are here to help you get your license reinstated in Arizona

MVD screening and admin per se

We help you get back on the road and get your drivers license Reinstated. We can also help get your life back on track. 

Substance abuse and DUI

We focus our counseling and treatments on the varied needs of our client and not just on the addiction alone. It is a fact of life that there will be problems in our lives. We teach our clients how to handle these problems without needing to abuse alcohol, drugs or medications.

Drug and Alcohol Group Classes

We offer Group Counseling for those who are interested in a cohesive recovery group. 


Domestic Violence Classes

Arizona DUI laws require anyone who has been pulled over by the local police or state troopers and cited for any type of drug or alcohol related driving offense be screened in person by a state licensed evaluator. We make this an easy process for you to complete. We also make it so you benefit from it.

Frequently Asked Question

How long are Arizona DUI Classes

We offer state approved classes for all levels of court ordered DUI classes in Arizona. 

  • Level 1: 16 hour education course
  • Level 2: 16 hour to 72 hour programs. The amount depends on many factors. Call us to find out more information on this question. We would love to discuss your specific situation. 
Can I take online DUI classes?

Arizona does not allow online DUI classes. So if you have to go then select a facility that will make it as easy and comfortable as possible to complete classes. We provide this! 

What is the purpose of DUI alcohol and drug screening?

Our DUI alcohol and drug screening serves two purpose. 

  1. First purpose is to help you obtain your MVD Restricted Driver’sLicense
  2. Second purpose is to determine how many hours of DUI Education drug/Treatment you’ll need to complete if you’re convicted of your DUI.

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