Breathe… (Mental Health)

The most important thing I want to express to everyone is that you are not alone. We are all here. One big family spread out across the world in search of that one thing that makes it possible to get out of bed in the morning. Connection.  As I have moved forward through life and all of its challenges, some of my most intimate conversations have been with complete strangers. As a counselor, I see people and help them find what they are looking for. By guiding them to a better place and giving them tools, they can discover themselves and sometimes live for the first time.   I created this blog because so many people are in a funk.  

I have seen clients, friends and family adrift, losing their sense of self with the pandemic.  If I am being completely honest, Covid has done the complete opposite for me.  I had put on 65 lbs in two years prior to the outbreak.  My adrenal glands shut down due to my consistently high stress levels.  On March 17th, 2020 when I realized the world was shutting down, I was seeing a naturopath about my weight.  I was home because business was slow and no one knew what was happening next.  The moment of peace caused me to look around to see that everyone else was struggling as well..

Moving forward to today, 5 months later, I have lost 15 lbs.  I have lowered my stress levels (not my workload) and I have been working on forgiveness and acceptance.  Forgiveness of those that have contributed to my stress, and acceptance of those around me who are not similar to myself.  I am slowly working at peace, but not alone.  I have a wonderful support network that I have been building over time.  I want this to be a support network to everyone who is reading this and to anyone who wants to share.  

People should be able to comfort one another, share concerns, fears, ask for help, and speak freely on topics without ridicule. I will recommend activities and try to explain why they work. Please feel free to share yourself here.  Recommend a topic, subject, or share a comment. I hope to create a safe environment for everyone who wants to share or grow in knowledge or understanding.  I am not here to tell you what you want to hear, and at times I will come off as harsh.  It is my way. If you need resources, give me time to get you some, I will look into it for you.  I will not be your therapist as this is an opportunity to share, and I want it to be a sense of community.  I hope that along the way, you find something that you can take with you to have a more peaceful life.

I have a background in psychotherapy.  I have sat with people in their lowest moments.  I have literally talked people off of bridges, and had to remind them of reasons why they shouldn’t jump.  I have remembered every bit of suffering that I have ever heard, and I wish that I could take that away from every single person who shared with me.  It is my hope that I can share my humor with a little help from friends, and help take away some of your suffering.  

My goal is to post once a week.  I would like to have an open discussion, and would love feedback to make this beneficial to everyone.  I want people to stop feeling anxious, depressed and lonely if it can be helped. I have much to say and I want it to be meaningful!