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Life Coaching

Life coaching is taylored to fit your individual needs. We listen to your needs, wants and goals, then come up with the best way to make them achievable goals.

There are an array of subjects we can help you with. Anywhere from career, social, relationship, parenting, or personal desires. Call us today to learn more.

Reclaim U Counseling offers discrete counseling services in the same facility. Some insurances are accepted, and there is also a cash rate. There are intern and LAC programs that can offer a sliding fee scale.

Nicole Heim - Owner of Reclaim U Counseling

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who has started Reclaim U Counseling to offer something different.  I worked for the state out of grad school, and noticed that with high volume clients and facilities, people are just numbers.  I like to say that I offer a Humanistic approach because I want everyone who comes through our doors to feel important.  When a client and I agree to work together, I am making the time imperative to be in the moment and give my clients as much feedback and support as possible.  It is invaluable for my client and I to find out what road blocks are getting in the way of people reaching their true peace or happiness.

I am famous for my tag line, “You Know What Your Problem Is?”  It is because I want to help you solve your problem.  I want to help you reach your desires and goals and eliminate any problem that may get in the way.  We all have problems, and sometimes overcoming those problems is most helpful when you have someone believe in you.  I want to be that person and offer you a safe place to process.

Outside of counseling, we have drug and alcohol treatment, both individual and group settings.  We also offer a comfortable and extremely friendly environment for you to take assessments, DUI screenings, and classes.


Be assured I will give my personal attention to you as will my staff.

Adult Group Counseling Classes