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What is an "Admin Per Se" Substance Abuse Screening in Arizona?

Arizona DUI laws require anyone who has been pulled over by the local police or state troopers and cited for any type of drug or alcohol related driving offense be screened in person by a state licensed evaluator. This type of substance abuse screening is called “Admin Per Se.” 

We make this an easy process for you to complete. We also make it so you benefit from it. 

Admin Per Se MVD Screening

How to Complete an Admin Per Se Screening in Arizona

  1. Call or text us to schedule an appointment with one of our state approved and licensed counselors.
  2. The appointment will only take about an hour.
  3. Make sure to bring a copy of the ticket you received or the admin per se from the motor vehicle department (MVD) to your appointment.
  4. One of our state approved licensed counselors will perform the screening process with you in person.
  5. You will receive a receipt from the MVD confirming you have completed the screening evaluation.

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