Get your drivers license reinstated. We are Arizona State approved evaluators.

How to Get Your Drivers License Reinstated in Arizona

  1. Call or text us to make an appointment to fill out the Revocation Application form completely and we mail it in for you.  Download the form using the download button. (The form will explain how to find out if you are eligible.)
  2. Make sure to bring your ADOT Revocation Application form to your appointment.
  3. One of our ADOT state approved evaluators will work with you in person.
  4. Your evaluator will complete your ADOT Revocation Application form.
  5. We will mail your completed revocation application form to the MVD per the requirements of ADOT.

How long will it take to get My Arizona Drivers License Reinstated?

The MVD makes the final decision on whether to reinstate a drivers license in Arizona. It usually takes the ADOT MVD about 4 weeks to mail you a copy of their decision.

Our Arizona state approved DUI classes help people regain their drivers licenses. The classes also also help them live happier and healthier lives.

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