Substance abuse and DUI

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Overcoming Substance Abuse and a DUI is Possible

Substance abuse and driving under the influence is not limited to driving while drunk on alcohol. A person can be under the influence of many types of substances including both legal and illegal drugs. These can include both prescription drug misuse and the illicit use of “street drugs.”

Arizona, like other states has many citizens who have found themselves overusing drugs and alcohol. Many people start out using prescription drugs for a temporary aid to a health issue or problem but find themselves addicted to the drug. This all too often is a gateway to substance abuse.

Overuse of alcohol can be similar. A person may start drinking to relieve stress and to escape the days problems. Overtime they may find themselves dependent on alcohol. In Arizona over 10% of people may binge drink.  Many times, a DUI conviction is the result of binge drinking. DUI classes can be one of the results of a DUI conviction. 

Substance Abuse Treatment

What Makes Our Drug Addiction Treatment and Counseling Effective for Our Clients?

We focus our counseling and treatments on the varied needs of our client and not just on the addiction alone. It is a fact of life that there will be problems in our lives. We teach our clients how to handle these problems without needing to abuse alcohol, drugs or medications.

Our substance abuse counselors help our clients to find the problems and behavior patterns in their lives that are contributing to their misusing alcohol or drugs. We help them replace these destructive behaviors with healthy behaviors by using proven strategies for coping with situations that may trigger the desire to misuse drugs or alcohol.

Arizona Substance Abuse

We Help Families Overcome Substance Abuse Problems

Families and family members are often negatively affected by the family member who has a substance abuse problem or alcoholism. It is not uncommon for a person with a drug addiction problem or an alcohol dependency problem to be in denial. Being in denial means not admitting there is a problem and possibly being afraid to confront the problem and overcome it. One of the first steps in overcoming substance abuse and alcohol dependency is admitting to oneself there is a problem.

When the family member with the problem admits they have a problem we help both them and their family with a coordinated process. Families can regain the unity they may have lost and have a joyful and fuller lifestyle together.

Our drug treatment programs are often combined with group settings and group counseling where people can share and help each other. Knowing you are not alone in this can be a great help in overcoming the problem. Help is available and you are not alone. You can successfully change your life for the better and for those around you.

If you have taken DUI classes with Reclaim U Counseling, you may have seen that there are many who have the same challenges as you. DWI classes can not only help you reclaim your drivers license but they can also help you overcome issues you may not have understood.

Living an Addiction Free Life Means

Better Health
Better Relationships
Better Finances

Happier Families
More Enjoyment

Driving Under the Influence

Drinking and driving is dangerous. The increased risk of an accident or even death to you or someone else is more likely. Drunk driving is prohibited in the state of Arizona and is a criminal offense. 

Whether the term “driving under the influence” is used as opposed to “driving while intoxicated (DWI)”, there isn’t a difference between DUI and DWI. Some use both terms but DUI is what the state categorizes drunk driving.

Arizona DUI

DUI Classes

Our classes at Reclaim U will cover a variety of topics pertaining to alcohol and substance abuse. We are here to help you complete the required state fulfilled terms, so that you start the process of getting back to more of the normalcy of life. 

When speaking with a member of our staff and counselors, you will be guided as to best course to take in our DUI classes, the cost and the schedule.

Arizona DUI drug and alcohol classes in Tempe

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